Example of Card Format

Example of Card Format

Gretchen Graber is putting together identification cards for local shrub-steppe plants. The ID cards will contain pictures of different parts of the plant (close up of flower, leaf, and seed pod, and photo of entire plant to show growth habit) and provide information about where the plant grows. The cards will be available electronically for free on our website.

Ten plants have been selected for the first set:

  1. big sagebrush - Artemisia tridentata
  2. grey rabbitbrush - Ericameria nauseosa
  3. golden currant - Ribes aureum
  4. snow buckwheat - Eriogonum niveum
  5. Indian ricegrass- Achnatherum hymenoides
  6. bluebunch wheatgrass- Pseudoroegneria spicata
  7. balsamroot- Balsamorhiza careyana
  8. long-leaf phlox- Phlox longifolia
  9. Munro's globemallow- Sphaeralcea munroana
  10. Turpentine wavewing - Cymopterus terebinthinus

Send photos of these plants to shrubsteppephots@gmail.com. Contact Gretchen Graber for additional information.

Requirements for sending in a picture:

  • Positively identify the plant
  • Use the Genus.species to name the photo
  • Use the proper extension in the filename (e.g. .jpg)
  • Permission for the picture to be used either as the Chapter decides or only for the ID guide. You will be given credit on the card.