Chapter Photo Contest

Each year we have a photo contest based on a theme. Entries are viewed at the June potluck. Winners receive a prize and much appreciation for their efforts and willingness to share.

2015 Contest - Plants Growing in Lithosols (Rocky Soils)

And the winners are... TBA

Facebook Page

We love to share photos on our Facebook page. If you've visited an interesting location and would be willing to share your images, please send us a message.

Butterfly Safari Project

In concert with the Cowiche Canyon Butterfly Project, David James is asking hikers to photograph any fritillary butterflies they encounter in Cowiche Canyon and further away in the Cascades and email the photos to the project website at

As summer progresses and the butterflies move up in elevation, we will be seeking help from hiking clubs like the Cascadians and the Kinnickinnicks, as well as families, students, and the general hiking public to look for these showy butterflies.  If you see a big orange butterfly with black spots as shown in these pictures, you might be looking at one of our tagged subjects!  Take a picture, and send it in with the date, time and location of the sighting.  Location may be a verbal description of where you are, or GPS coordinates.  Even if you don’t get a picture, let us know if you’ve seen one.  You can use our recording form, or use our “contact us” page to tell us about your sighting.